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Great service
Broke the tips on two rods the day before a big fishing trip. Took them to Gus's and Gus repaired them while I waited. That would not have happened at a big box store.

Submitted by samspec
Posted 12/22/2019

Best tackle shop in this area
Great people. A local owned business with folks that know the needs of the local fisherman, recreational oo commercial. Gus will go out of his way to help his customers.

Submitted by David Boyd
Posted 05/19/2019

Chock Full Of The Right Catching Tackle
Great Place to

Submitted by Shakey Jake
Posted 04/05/2019

Gus's is South Louisiana
If you fish anywhere in south Louisiana Gus's is the place for you. They carry all the tackle and lures that will help anyone who fishes here to be successful. They know south Louisiana because they are south Louisiana.

Submitted by Sam
Posted 01/01/2019

Gus's Tackle
Best, friendliest, most knowledgeable tackle shop in this area.

Submitted by David Boyd
Posted 12/20/2018

Small does not always mean overpriced!!
I busted a bearing on my trailer. Not only did they have the bearing set, but they were help full, and friendly. They were also cheaper than academy on the bearing set by $2.00. Small does not always mean over priced. I will be back.

Submitted by Cshane
Posted 10/04/2018

Nice to have local service
tired of all big box, never have anything, then go here bc they have the stuff you need and are willing to give you excellent customer service

Submitted by Captain Jack
Posted 05/31/2018

Great Service
Gus and his staff are very helpful and answered all my question.

Submitted by Charles L
Posted 03/09/2018

Happy Regular

Best place in town and always treated like family. The staff is outstanding. The only place I go for all my fishing tackle etc. Keep up the great work!

Submitted by Donna D.
Posted 02/20/2018


Only place my husband, George, of Fish Meister Charters, shops for tackle.

Submitted by Stacey S.
Posted 02/20/2018

Happy Customer
Awesome people, very knowledgeable and friendly.

Submitted by Donnie R.
Posted 02/20/2018

Happy Customer!
Best place to go in southeast Louisiana for sure! had a reel I brought in to get fixed. I lost some internal pieces while fishing. While I expected to pay at least $30 to get it fixed,when I got there, Gus handed me my bill...... $2.85!!!! Really?

Submitted by Chad D.
Posted 02/20/2018


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